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LED NEON Signage

LED NEON Flex Strip For Advertising Signages |
Events Decoration 
Interior and Exterior Design Decoration

led neon flexible strips colors sample

LED Neon Flexible Strip of Variety Colors Option

neon led flex strip packing of 5 meter 12V

silicon neon led flex strip packing of 50 meter 12V

silicon neon led flex strip packing of 50 meter 12V light on

LED Neon Flexible Strip Unique Features

Super bright LED Neon color effect, greatly soft and flexible to enable forming into :

Unique design shapes

Symbols and patterns

Typography lettering font styles

Interior and exterior decor purposes.

Innovatively adopts the first class ECO-Friendly UV resistance silicone material for indoor and outdoor use.

International standard IP 68 Waterproof , easy installation, low maintenance, electricity cost savings and safe to finger touch.


How To Convert An Artwork Design To A LED Neon Signage Design?

Example : You have a logo designed and need to convert it into a LED Neon design artwork.

artwork design for neon making


Original Artwork Design

Designing an artwork for LED Neon must pay attention to two (2) important keys :

1.) Size of the LED Neon Sign 
The right (big) measurement of the signage will have high possiblity of making it more variety in creation . However, if size has limitation (small) , the possiblity of making into variety is low. Size will also determine the making options of Single line or Double line (outline).

 led neon sign-single line design

 Single Line LED Neon Pink Color

 led neon sign double line design making

 Double Line LED Neon Warm White Color


As you see below , the word " CHICKEN" has a different outlook in neon design as compare to the original artwork.

"C" has bigger size, so has the option of making a single line / double line.

In the case, "C" is a double line white color neon as the right size permitted and

"HICKEN" are single line red color neon , which are not possible to make them into double line due to the size is limited.

led neon artwork design converted


Artwork Redesign For LED Neon Signage


2.) Neon Design vs Original Design
Sometimes they look the same but not always. What you see on the monitor screen might not be the same as you see the real neon signage.
Reason is because LED Neon strips has some limitation like the minimum cutting length, colors option and the size of the strip. 

original artwork vs led neon design


Conversion Design For Neon Sign VS Original Artwork Design


To give you a more insight into LED Neon Light, here are some of the samples of some of our previous projects of our clients for commercial use purposes. Hope it might helps you in design planning and making your neon sign.

LED Neon fabrication work  

green color neon led fabrication work for letters forming

happy skin pink neon sign

pink neon letters in the making

LED Neon installation work

completion of installing the green neon led signage

happy skin pink neon sign installation

pink neon letters on the display

The Process Of Making LED Neon Signage

First you need to identify the font style , setting of the lettering strokes dimension and color for neon wordings.

Identify the artwork design for neon led sign making

Next a transparent acrylic or any solid base material is required for fixing the neon flex during the fabrication process.

led neon fabrication work on pink color wordings

Plan and decide where you want to install your neon sign. A good spot on a wall or somewhere easy for mounting / hanging and closer to a power point also very important.

installation led neon pink color signage


Wiring work is another technical issue need to consider when installing a neon sign for a retail outlet in a shopping mall. The key is to conceal wires so that the sign won't look messy from the customers'viewing.

led neon sign wiring work for commercial retail shopping mall



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LED NEON Signage


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